Our History

Mt. Brilliant is steeped in rich history and tradition. From its first owners to the rebirth that is taking place today, the stories of the farm unfold one after another and never cease to amaze.



View photos of the beautiful Mt. Brilliant Farm, our horses and polo events.


Our Historic Horses

Over the years many horses have called Mt. Brilliant home, learn about their history and racing records.



Join us in September for Polo in the Park, nothing is better for families and equine enthusiasts of all disciplines. We strive to make the month a fun filled time and hope that we can accommodate those interested.

About Mt. Brilliant Farm

It all started in 1774 when Thomas Jefferson granted 2,000 acres of land north of the Kentucky River to William Russell in recognition of his brother Henry’s outstanding military service in the French and Indian War.

Today, Mt. Brilliant sprawls over 1,200 acres of well-manicured grasses, lined with horse fences and dotted here and there by several newly, renovated buildings.

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